The Recast Enablement Program: Meet Our Third Cohort

We started our Enablement Program in order to empower the next generation of venture capitalists. The tuition-free program provides guidance for emerging fund managers on firm-building and fundraising strategies — all in a hands-on, engaged, and caring community. Recast’s program has fast become a powerful complement to Recast’s fund investment strategy, increasing opportunities outside our network and enabling us to support more managers.

We welcome cohorts of about a dozen participants per term, who each and together reflect the diversity we aim to increase in the venture industry at large. Since officially launching in 2020, we have welcomed over 40 funds, 80% of which are led by at least one GP who identifies as a woman and over 50% of which are led by at least one GP of color.

As we near the end of our 3rd cohort, we’re pleased to highlight the extraordinary emerging funds who have spent time with us this session:

2045 Ventures: Pre-seed and seed stage investing in underrepresented founders.

Advaita Capital: Tech-enabled growth-stage venture fund founded by women and minority fund managers with a focus on DEI and ESG.

Amplifyher Ventures: Investing in diverse leadership teams pioneering new efficiencies in commerce, care and connectivity.

Avalanche VC: Investing in early-stage tech companies fundamentally transforming the way we work, learn, and live.

Dcode Capital: Investing in commercially-successful, high-growth technology companies with broad applicability across the U.S. government.

FTW Ventures: Investing in the best founders and startups for a more sustainable food system.

H Venture Partners: Investing in science-based consumer brands that are better for human health and the planet.

JourneyOne Ventures: Backing bold performers that are building cannabis companies poised for high velocity growth in large growing markets with stable regulation across North America.

Kaya Ventures: Building a healthier, happier, and more empowered future by investing in companies shaping the future of consumer, work, and care.

Lunar Ventures: A pre-seed fund investing in talented CPG, health, and tech companies led by CEOs that identify as BIPOC, LGBTQ+, women, and non-binary.

Polymath Capital Partners: Operator-led venture capital firm with an emphasis on community, longevity, and financial democratization.

Red Bike Capital: Latina-led seed stage fund investing in U.S.-based consumer fintech, e-commerce infrastructure and consumer tech.

Slope Fund: Investing in seed-stage startups within e-commerce tech, fintech and consumer tech.